Anybody having trouble with this addiction

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    Just seeing if anybody had advice on kicking a porn habit.

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    A random porn marathon after drinking and doing cocaine that night (4 to 5hrs). Was increased by me to practically the entire morning(12am to 6am). I was targeted and outrageously cyber stalked, law enforcement does nothing about this btw, so when I noticed their disgust about my porn viewing I decided it could be used to deter their harrassment. Couple years of this and then I stopped and leveled off. Four years later I made the mistake of partying on meth in a less than recreational usage. My new living arrangement left me back at my father’s home. Over the next year of dabbling with low amounts of methamphetamine unexpected issues surfaced. My father is a drinker and parties, but had picked only meth to treat like satan’s drug. That year he verbally abused and threatened me to the point of nearly causing me a mental collapse. The following year I struggled while on mental health issues. Due to my insomnia the minimal amounts were enough to keep me up for a couple days or more. During that time I would have to stay shut in my room to avoid his abuse. It was in those years 2019 to 2020 that my porn viewing while on an upper went for 6 or 7 hours to (No joke) 2 to 3 days of me watching porn and fapping. I am searching for therapy that covers such an odd situation. I saw your post and left you this very forthcoming and extensive message to let you know you are not alone and to ask if you have had any luck in your quest for help. I figured if you hadn’t at the very least you and I could discuss it from time-to-time and maybe have a person that suffers from it ,like yourself, to lend an ear and offer support. Anyways I hope you find a solution and keep in mind it doesn’t make us sick deviants. Just men that had too long of a span out of a relationship or got sucked in to new age pornography. The fact you are aware its become detrimental to yourself is very commendable . Take care Robert.

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    i am having trouble with sex habit. i am so addicted to it that not a single day passes without doing it. please help.

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