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    A Sobriety Discussion Forum

    Welcome to recovery! Please introduce yourself here, voice your progress, voice your struggles. We are in this together. Please help contribute to a positive discussion about general addiction and recovery questions/concerns.

    sobriety discussion forum

    Some questions if desired to start conversation:

    What brought you here?

    What are some things that have worked best for you in recovery?

    What step are you on?

    Why do you want to start your recovery?

    What inspires your recovery?

    What step did you struggle the most with?

    How are you avoiding your triggers?

    Are you looking for meetings? Other recovering addicts to attend meetings with?

    How many months sober are you?

    When was your last relapse?

    How does the AA, NA, etc community help support you? What can this community do even better?

    You can also stream the big book free online here. 

    Our old forum data got trashed. We really appreciate your contribution to beginning new discussions here!

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    I have unfortunately released because of the stress I feel from finding out my husband like and has. Gone to massage places and revived sexual ends, plus strip clubs. I am
    U sure of what to do. I talked with a sex addict councilor that basically told me he would relapse. Do I treat him like he has s disease like me or how can I it is different ??

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    I just found out about this site & am having trouble finding forums &/or discussions….I’ve was in AA for many, many years, & didn’t drink for 23 years….being older, I found a new addiction, prescription pain pills, reared its ugly head.. I justified it, as many do, & was out of control for about 10 years….have been in recovery, for 2 years, under doctors care. I would like to hear how people cope once they are completely weened off everything….

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    I am also new here and am looking for support with addiction. Hoping to see more people posting here.

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    I have been struggling with narcotic addiction for years…in and out of rehabilitation centers mostly through family intervention. It’s time for a change and this time I want to do it for myself. Curious what helps others most through the beginning of working the 12 steps? Any responses appreciated!

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    Felicia Watts

    I read the poetry section on this site…really inspired me. Start there. Read quotes everyday. Find meetings. Find people who can relate. Keep talking on here and sharing. Every word and every day gets better.

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    Felicia Watts

    “Sometimes you can only find Heaven by slowly backing away from Hell.” – Carrie Fisher

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