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    Our old forum data got trashed. We really appreciate your contribution to beginning new discussions here!



    I have unfortunately released because of the stress I feel from finding out my husband like and has. Gone to massage places and revived sexual ends, plus strip clubs. I am
    U sure of what to do. I talked with a sex addict councilor that basically told me he would relapse. Do I treat him like he has s disease like me or how can I it is different ??



    I just found out about this site & am having trouble finding forums &/or discussions….I’ve was in AA for many, many years, & didn’t drink for 23 years….being older, I found a new addiction, prescription pain pills, reared its ugly head.. I justified it, as many do, & was out of control for about 10 years….have been in recovery, for 2 years, under doctors care. I would like to hear how people cope once they are completely weened off everything….



    I am also new here and am looking for support with addiction. Hoping to see more people posting here.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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